How to Safely Dispose of Out-Of-Date Computer Equipment

Used or broken computer parts require special disposal due to the risk of toxic substances leaking into water and soil. Options for responsible disposal include choosing to recycle, donate, or sell computer parts. SellGPU buys used computer parts with a fast online quote and free mailing box. Here is more information about safely disposing of out-of-date computer equipment:

Electronic Waste Recycling Centers

E-waste recycling centers properly dispose of old computers or electronic parts by shredding the pieces and sorting through them for reusable metals. Many items contain gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, which are reusable when properly collected. Recycling centers also sort non-metallic items and send plastic to be used in new products.

Check with your local government for information on where to find electronic recycling centers, their operating hours, and what items they take. This information may be available in a brochure or on their website. Some technology-based companies also accept electronics for recycling.

Local Recycling

City governments may have specific days or weeks of the year when old electronics can be left on a curb for collection or taken to specially designated bins around the area. Some recycling centers or secondhand companies charge for e-waste, while sponsored recycling days can provide residents with a free, convenient option. Contact your local government for more information on the next responsible recycling event.


Most old computer hardware is still usable and can be reused or repurposed. Several nonprofits and educational programs accept used electronics. These donations give others access to technology and help stretch the limited budget of schools. Call local charities or schools to see if they accept hardware donations.

Some national organizations accept functioning computer parts to refurbish and give to communities or individuals in need. Others will accept unusable devices for their parts and use the proceeds to fund their programs. These donations may be tax-deductible, so make sure to get a receipt.


Some major manufacturers and licensed dealers offer trade-in programs for used electronics. Trade-ins are a convenient way to upgrade your old equipment without contributing to e-waste. Companies will reuse or refurbish your used products and may provide free shipping so you don’t have to visit in person. Research your brand-name electronics to determine if this is an option for your device model. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets are common items eligible for trade-in deals. 


The secondhand electronics market is robust and offers sellers many options, including online listings, pawnshops, and dedicated used electronic retailers. Evaluate the available choices and pick a reputable platform before listing an item. SellGPU gives you an instant quote for your parts and provides a free USPS pickup. Certain manufacturers and models of products retain their value better than others, so research a fair price before trying to sell computer items.

Reasons To Choose Proper Disposal

Instead of being thrown away or stored in the back of a closet, projectors, televisions, phones, and computers can be recycled. Digital and electric items contain recyclable materials and ones that are harmful to human and environmental health. Sustainably disposing of electronics helps prevent the need to create new materials and saves significant energy.

One study found the average American household uses roughly 28 electronic devices. Each year, Americans generate millions of tons of consumer electronic goods. Responsible electronic disposal extends the lifecycle of these materials and contributes to the creation of new green jobs.

How To Take Safety Precautions 

Digital equipment stores private data you’ll want to remove before selling or recycling. Begin by creating a backup of any files or data you need, and then wipe the drive using a secure method. Before you sell computer drives, re-install a clean copy of any software to avoid performance issues. To sell a smart TV, log out of any applications and reset it. These precautions protect your information and make the device easier for the new owner to use.

Sell Computer Parts at SellGPU

Proper electronic disposal has many benefits, including environmental conservation and energy savings. When selling your computer parts, prices can vary and depend on factors such as the item’s age and condition. SellGPU buys computer parts, gaming consoles, IT equipment, and other used electronics at fair prices. Get an online quote from us today.