ITAD: What It Is and the Types of Equipment That Can Be Sold or Recycled

Upgrading your IT equipment helps you stay competitive and meet changing business needs. Disposing of your old equipment can lead to data security risks and environmental concerns. Information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services help you securely dispose of, recycle, or sell old equipment that holds sensitive information. We offer various ITAD and other services, such as console trade in options.

Defining Information Technology Asset Disposition

Information technology asset disposition, or ITAD, refers to the responsible management of old or excess IT assets. These assets include computers, servers, and other electronic devices that hold sensitive company or client data. SellGPU is a leading ITAD company that helps you recycle and dispose of your outdated equipment responsibly. We destroy all data and follow a secure disposal process to remain compliant with industry standards. Our ITAD services include asset tracking, data sanitization, data erasure, recycling devices, and more.

Types of Equipment That Can Be Recycled or Sold

Unneeded equipment that contains sensitive data can result in fines and take up valuable space. SellGPU helps you sell or recycle the following types of equipment:

Data Center Hardware

Data center hardware encompasses a data center’s physical equipment and infrastructure components. This includes computing, storage, networking equipment, and servers. It also includes supportive infrastructure, such as power and cooling systems. This equipment helps data centers maintain their operational efficiency and data integrity. We use industry-compliant recycling processes and secure data erasure techniques to make sure sensitive information is permanently removed from the hardware before recycling it.

Data Bearing Devices

A data-bearing device is any storage device that contains sensitive data. This includes hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), USB drives, and mobile phones. These devices can hold personal data and corporate information. We use data sanitization methods, including data wiping, to make sure that sensitive information is permanently erased and unrecoverable before disposing of these devices.

Storage Devices

Storage devices are hardware components used for storing and accessing large amounts of digital data. These devices include memory cards, hard disk drives (HDDs), tape drives, and network-attached storage devices. Our ITAD services can help you safeguard your data privacy, achieve regulatory compliance, and promote sustainability within your organization.


Graphics processing units (GPUs) are computer chips designed to accelerate the rendering of images, videos, and graphic content in computers and electronic devices. They are often used in gaming, scientific computing applications, and digital content creation. We can ensure that sensitive information on these devices is completely destroyed, mitigating the risk of a data breach and protecting your sensitive data.

Choose SellGPU for ITAD Services and Console Trade In Options

Information technology asset disposition offers a sustainable and secure solution for organizations wanting to retire outdated or surplus equipment. SellGPU can help you move, sell, or recycle your IT assets and is one of the leading semiconductor recyclers. We are R2 and ISO 14001 certified and HIPAA compliant. We also sell used computer components and offer console trade in. Contact us today to learn more about our services.