“We Pioneer Methods that Make Semiconductor Recycling Fast & Accessible for Everyone.”

Said Hafez
Founder & CEO at SellGPU.com

Our Ultimate Goal is to Improve Everyone’s Upgrade Cycle

SellGPU is a semiconductor recycler and innovator in the computer component recycling field. The company specializes in providing trade-ins for mainstream users as well as medium to small sized businesses. Today, SellGPU is the world’s #1 recycler of used GPUs and has become a major recycler of most computer component categories including CPUs, GPUs, RAM, Motherboards, PSUs, SSDs, and HDDs. SellGPU is an A+BBB accredited business and has been featured by over 40 technology news outlets.

Russell Riggins



Russell is only the second owner of SellGPU.com (after Said Hafez, Founder & Owner) and become President in June of 2020. He enjoys constantly talking about buying a sailboat, but not actually doing it. He is an avid PC gamer (Flight Sim) and crypto enthusiast (he does not have red eyes though). He is originally from Chicago and by heritage is an eternal Chicago Cubs fan, but was forced to convert his American football allegiance, by his now-wife & her family as a condition for marriage, to the Dallas Cowboys.


Director of Operations


Eric joined SellGPU in June of 2020. He is unique (weird?) in that he is both an avid PC and console gamer. Thanks to Andrew (below), he is now sucked into Magic the Gathering gaming again. He enjoys traveling and has a fine pallet for gourmet food. He knows a ton about art and art history. And he has never been to Disneyworld ever, and he’s not bitter about that at all, just ask him.


Manager of Operations


Andrew joined SellGPU in December of 2020. He is an avid Console gamer and an aficionado of fine Magic the Gathering cards. When he’s not constantly checking his phone every 5 minutes for the latest crypto prices, he enjoys movies and anime.


Manager of Bulk ITAD & Mining Rig Pricing


Alex joined SellGPU in 2018. He is a crypto enthusiast and heads up the bulk pricing team for Bulk ITAD trade-ins as well as Mining Rigs. He knows his vodka and is to be drank with only under extreme caution and supervision.

Said Hafez


SellGPU.com was founded in 2014 by computer enthusiast Said Hafez to help individuals and businesses with the need for high end PC components get rid of their unneeded silicon. SellGPU.com is the first business of its kind to establish the recommerce business model in the GPU, CPU, RAM, and SSD industries. By giving individuals with the need for high end computer parts, the power to safely and quickly sell their components, we give them enhanced ease and affordability when it comes to upgrading components.




Address: 1870 CROWN DR STE 1502
Dallas, Texas, 75234

Email: info@sellgpu.com

SellGPU.com Milestones


July 27 2014

SellGPU.com was established by computer enthusiast Said Hafez.

August 12 2014

SellGPU Processes First Trade-In


August 12 2016

SellGPU.com Relaunched offering first Trade-In Program for PC gamers and power users.

August 30 2016

SellGPU.com Featured by top news outlets including Yahoo News and TechPowerUp.

September 26 2016

SellGPU.com Launches first CPU Trade-In Program for mainstream users.


March 14 2017

SellGPU Obtains BBB Accreditation

May 23, 2017

SellGPU.com Launches First PC Trade-In Program for gamers and power users.

June 6, 2017

SellGPU Launches World’s First Consumer SSD and RAM Trade-In Program

July 28 2017

SellGPU Opens New Facility in West Virginia


July 11, 2018

SellGPU Featured by Tom’s Hardware

November 23, 2018

SellGPU.com Launches World’s First Upgrade or Trade-Up Program for customers upgrading to RTX 2000 GPUs.

And We’re Just Getting Started

Sell Your Unwanted IT Equipment to SellGPU!

Used IT equipment and electronic components can be challenging to sell.

You may not get the fair market value for your items because, let’s face it, who knows how much used computer components are worth? Then there’s the data security risk. Will all my personal information and data be wiped from the device?

SellGPU offers a solution for selling your unwanted IT equipment. We offer fair prices for your items and guaranteed data security.

Plus, we make it easy — all you have to do is pack up your equipment and ship it to us. We’ll take care of the rest! If you want to sell your IT equipment, look no further than SellGPU.

Get Paid for Selling IT Equipment

No one likes the hassle of selling their used IT equipment. With SellGPU, you have to ship us your equipment, and we’ll be in charge of the selling process from there.

You’ll get a fair price for your items without worrying about sensitive data and information.

Why Choose SellGPU for Your Used IT Equipment?

We are considered the #1 choice when selling used IT equipment.

Some of the reasons why our customers choose to sell their equipment to us include the following:

Contact us now to get a quote on your IT equipment!

We Cater to Bulk Customers

We’re not just buying from retail customers — we’re also buying bulk orders!

Customers who need to sell in bulk are usually businesses like ITAD companies that need to get rid of their old IT equipment. They might be upgrading to newer models, or they have too much equipment taking up space.

SellGPU buys the following types of equipment in bulk:

If your business sells any of the above items, we’re interested in buying from you! Don’t see your used equipment on the list?

Don’t worry — contact us, and we’ll let you know if we’re interested in buying it from you.

We Make It Easy for You

SellGPU was created with one goal: to make selling your IT equipment as easy as possible.

The initial cost of setting up and maintaining an IT infrastructure can be significant, so getting the most out of your equipment is crucial.

However, when selling your used IT equipment, you shouldn’t have to go through all the hassle and stress.

That’s where we come in! Contact us to get started today.

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