Bulk ITAD Services

Upgrading computer equipment to the latest technological advancements is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. No matter the industry, small and global companies alike want to be using the latest and greatest devices. However, what do you do with the old, outdated IT hardware that still holds sensitive information? And how do you dispose of retired or non-working IT equipment in an environmentally friendly manner?

Information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services are your ultimate solution for safely and securely disposing of electronic equipment and data-bearing devices. Working with ITAD providers will ensure data is kept secure and the non-working or retired assets are safely disposed of or recycled.

SellGPU is a leading semiconductor recycler and innovator in the computer component recycling field. We specialize in bulk IT asset disposition – we will assist you with moving, selling, or recycling your large quantity of IT and data center equipment while ensuring that any company data or other sensitive data is safe and secure through the entire process.

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SellGPU IT Asset Disposition Services

Disposing of IT assets and equipment in a safe and secure manner is one of the corporate risk management requirements. SellGPU has years of expertise and knowledge to satisfy all of your IT asset disposal needs. We will ensure compliance with asset recovery and data protection and employ ecologically appropriate procedures to create minimal e-waste.

SellGPU offers an end-to-end program that guarantees data erasure, maximizes asset value recovery, ensures full regulatory compliance, and satisfies or exceeds the standard of your company.

Devices in bulk that SellGPU processes include:

  • IT hardware from data centers
  • Storage devices
  • Cell phones
  • Obsolete equipment or old equipment
  • Office IT equipment
  • Productivity devices
  • And much more

SellGPU Bulk ITAD Process

SellGPU is a leading ITAD company that offers convenient and secure disposal. Here is the quick and easy process of our ITAD services:


SellGPU will come to you and pick up the bulk devices for your convenience. We have the personnel, tools, and equipment to necessary guarantee maximum data security and data privacy while on the road to our secure facilities.

Transparent Update

You will have a complete picture of your inventory before we start our disposition procedure. We will provide you with all the details about what will be done to the devices and the procedures that will be used to meet industry standards, such as data sanitization and other safe disposal processes. You can feel secure knowing your IT equipment is inventoried and in capable hands.

Get Confirmation

After the final disposition, you’ll get a confirmation that the data destruction and safe disposition are complete. We will provide you with full details and proof that any personally identifiable information is safely erased.

SellGPU Is Your ITAD Partner

SellGPU is R2 accredited, ISO 14001 certified, HIPAA compliant, and adheres to all industry standards. With our reliable disposal and recycling procedure, we are more than capable of handling the disposal of bulk IT assets and guaranteeing the security of all data.

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