Electronic Waste Recycle Service

Electronics recycling, also known as e-recycling, is the process of recycling electronic waste such as cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, computer monitors, and other electronic devices. 

With the accelerated rate at which new technology is developed and old technology becomes obsolete, it comes as no surprise that landfills are filled with e-waste. Old models, broken computers, and outdated electronics contribute substantially to our overall waste. Both the environment and the human race suffer negative consequences of the overwhelming amount of electronics waste.

The Most Common Type of Electronic Waste

Some of the most common types of e-waste include computers, RAMs, CPUs, gaming consoles, VR headsets, and so on. 

As new models emerge, individuals replace their devices and businesses update their office equipment. The problem with this, however, is that many people and organizations do not necessarily practice responsible recycling and simply throw their old electronics out.

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The Problem With Improper E-Waste Recycle Habits

Improper management of e-waste recycling can lead to the release of toxic chemicals into the air, water, and soil. Some of the pollutants from electronic waste that can cause serious harm to our health include mercury, lead, barium, cadmium, and phosphor. 

Besides these toxic wastes, failure to reuse or recycle e-waste can lead to unnecessary mining and consumption of our valuable resources and precious metals. Aluminum, gold, platinum, silver, and palladium are all essential to building the latest version of the hottest electronic products, but they’re also limited resources. Without proper electronics recycling, we will face a shortage of the materials needed to innovate our electronic devices. 

Proper E-Waste Recycling Process

Services revolving around recycling e-waste follow a simple process that ensures environmental regulations compliance and proper asset management. The steps are listed below.


The first stage of the recycling process is the collection of electronic devices through collection locations and on-demand shipping services. The collected electronic waste is then delivered to specialized electronic recyclers for storage and sorting. 


After safe delivery to the electronics recycling center, all items are then securely stored in their facilities. Proper storage is a crucial step in the recycling process as many of the old or broken electronics may be contaminated by toxic chemicals like lead. Without proper storage, these toxic chemicals can pose a threat to the health and well-being of everyone exposed to them. 

Manual Sorting

Next, e-waste goes through manual sorting, where each component – batteries, bulbs, metal, plastic, glass, and wiring – is removed for separate processing. 

Mechanical Separation

After the initial manual sorting, the items will go through a mechanical separation to further purify and prepare each component for recycling. There are two types of separation: magnetic and water. 

Under magnetic separation, a giant magnet pulls metals like steel and iron from a mixture of waste. There’s an eddy current that can separate these metals from nonferrous metals (or devices that don’t contain iron). 

Water separation, on the other hand, mainly deals with plastic and glass. The water separates these materials and purifies them to get rid of existing contaminants. 


Now that everything has been sorted, separated, and purified, these items can then be reused. 

E-Waste Recycling With SellGPU

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