4 Tips for Preparing Your Computer or Console for Trade In

Trading in your old computer or console allows you to upgrade to the latest model while recouping some of your investment. SellGPU will purchase and sell pre-owned computer components and gaming hardware. We also offer secure data-wiping services to make sure all of your personal data is removed from your old devices. If you want to take advantage of a computer or console trade in, follow these four tips:

1. Back Up Your Data

By backing up your data, you can keep and protect your files, personal information, and game progress. This can include documents, photos, and other backup files. Backing up your data also makes your information readily accessible so you can transfer it to your new device when you upgrade. Taking these precautions can protect you from potential data loss and corruption during the trade in process.

2. Disconnect Removable Components

Disconnect removable components from your device before sending it in. Removable components can include flash drives, USB hubs, Bluetooth devices, or cords. This helps protect your personal data and information and reduces the risk of damage during transit, as loose components can cause internal damage to your computer. Removing them also allows you to use them with your new computer or console once you complete the trade in. 

3. Reset To Factory Settings To Wipe Your Data

Resetting to factory settings effectively erases all user data, settings, and applications from the device. This can remove your personal information, documents, and passwords, which protects against unauthorized access to your sensitive data. You should also reformat your drive to make sure no files are left behind. This erases all existing history and renders it irretrievable to the next owner of the device. It also makes sure the new owner receives a fully functional device that is free from prior customizations.

SellGPU can wipe files that remain on your computer after trade in. Our data-wiping process follows industry standards to securely erase any information before we sell your device.

4. Clean the Computer’s External Components

Before sending your device to SellGPU, we ask that you disinfect your computer or console’s screen, keyboard, and surface. This allows it to have a clean and well-maintained appearance that enhances the presentation of your device. Regularly cleaning your device can also protect it from dust and dirt buildup or any debris that could damage it. This also helps enhance its trade in value. 

Request a Quote for Your Console Trade In Today

Following these steps can help you remove private data from your electronics, save your files, and clean your computer for trade in. SellGPU purchases computers, computer components, and gaming hardware. We offer fast and free quotes. If you accept, you can pack your computer or console and drop it off at your nearest post office. After receiving and testing your equipment, we will send your payment within three days so you can upgrade your equipment or device. Get a quote today to see what your computer or console trade in is worth.