Used Video Game Consoles: What Are They Worth?

Are you planning to sell your Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation console? Maybe you would like to use the proceeds from selling your old model to upgrade to the latest model? Or maybe you simply want to trade in an unused system in exchange for some extra cash? Whatever your reason might be, you’ve made a great decision! For gaming nerds, there’s nothing sadder than watching old consoles collect dust in a forgotten corner in your home.

The big question is: Is your ancient console worth a pretty penny? After all, today’s gaming consoles come with high-tech features and the latest innovations so what would anyone do with an outdated, years or decades’ old model? Well, you’d be surprised.

There is this breed of vintage-loving, retro-gamers out there who are willing to spend money on old video game consoles. Although they can still play their favorite old video games using modern consoles, they actually prefer using the old game console. It’s not much different than those people who go ga-ga over old guitars, first-edition books, or even vintage home décor items. 

How Much Can You Get By Selling Your Old Video Game Console?

The price for old game consoles can vary wildly depending on several factors, including the brand, model, and condition of the console you want to sell. Other factors include the functionality of the console, its visual aspect, and whether it retains the original accessories it came with (if applicable). At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well you’ve treated your console. You can get the most money for a video game console in great condition.

At the end 2022, the price of older game systems ranged anywhere from $80 to $200, which is approximately 47% of the price at the time of their launch. This price depends on the quality of the game as well as what kind of impact it has had in the gaming community. A game or a console that made waves among the gamers will obviously sell for a lot more money than one that failed to impress.  

Also, please note that unless you own an extremely rare, special-edition console that has a high demand, you are not going to get thousands of dollars for it from your local store or online buyback stores. The majority of used limited edition gaming consoles seldom reach the thousand-dollar mark.

Of course, there are exceptions. According to, a 1990 Neo-Geo in its original box can fetch you up to $1,900; a 1997 Commodore 64 GS up to $2,500; and a 1979 APF Imagination Machine is worth up to $3,300. Some of the other ultra-rare consoles can also bring in thousands of dollars, like the Xbox One Titanfall Development Team Edition, which was exclusively given to the team members who worked on the development of Respawn Titanfall.

The odds of you having any of these super rare gaming consoles are very low. But even if you can’t sell your old game system for thousands of dollars, you can still collect several hundred dollars, which is better than nothing.

The Best Price You Can Get for Your Used Game Consoles

Before we begin, we’d like to stress again that the value of your console is greatly affected by its current condition, color, and additional features like motion controls and extra storage space.

1st (1972–1980) or 2nd (1976–1982) Generation Gaming Consoles

You can sell an Atari 2600 for $37-$300 or more, depending on which version you have and how rare the games included in it are. An Atari Home Pong can be worth $20–$30 and up to $100 or more if it’s still in the box. Interestingly, an original prototype of the Home Pong unit straight from the collection of Allan Alcorn (its creator) recently sold for over $270,000 in an auction.

Intellivision models sell for $20–$30 (without games) while the Magnavox Odyssey models can go for up to $50 (without games). All of these games were made between 1972 and 1982 and came with consoles that failed to catch anyone’s attention, so it can be tough to find a buyer. However, there are collectors out there who will pay hundreds of dollars for old games with consoles that are still in the box.

3rd Generation Gaming Consoles (1983–1990)

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) usually sells for $20–$50, but this price can be significantly raised if yours includes some rare games and accessories. The Sega Master System can bring you about $40–$70 and the Atari 7800 can go for $50–$75. Again, you can expect a higher trade-in value if you have games.

4th Generation Gaming Consoles (1987–1999)

The Super Nintendo can go for up to $60, while Sega Genesis can fetch you $40 to $50, on average. An old TurboGrafx-16 can net anywhere from $50 to $150 these days because it represents one of the most beloved consoles from this generation. There is also a good market for old Neo-Geos, which can sell for $150 or more.

5th Generation Gaming Consoles (1993–2006)

A Nintendo 64 can bring you $35–$70 while an original PlayStation can go for anywhere between $15 and $35. Have a SEGA Saturn? You can probably sell it for $80 to $100. Atari Jaguar consoles are considered rare, so if you have one, congratulations, you can easily sell it for $100–$200 or even more.

A quick note here: You may have a hard time finding brick-and-mortar stores that will buy consoles this old. We highly recommend heading over to SellGPU to get the best deal for your old video games and consoles – this is what we specialize in after all!

6th Generation Gaming Consoles (1998–2009)

All sixth generation consoles generally sell for $40–$60, including the SEGA Dreamcast, original Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Slim PS2. Some can fetch you up to $100 while some will only bring in $30; these wild price fluctuations are mostly due to the timing of when you choose to sell rather than which model you have.

This is obviously not a complete list of the dozens of gaming consoles that exist, but we hope it gave you an idea as to how much your console might be worth. You can get an instant quote for your console online from SellGPU (make sure you mention its precise condition and any issues to get an accurate price). Completing our online form only takes a few minutes and we usually reply with a cash offer the very same day.

Top 7 Game Systems to Sell in 2023

Here is a general idea of the game systems that will fetch the best price this year:


Launched in 2001, the Xbox’s original retail price was $299.99. Today, you can sell it for anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on its version, games, and condition. It was the debut gaming console from Microsoft and quickly became a hit, along with the GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2. It had some incredible titles like Counter-Strike and Halo 2.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

This 16-bit console was released in 1991 and cost $199 at the time. You can sell it for between $35 and $150 today. Even if it is a broken console, you can still sell it for around $35. To get more cash, we recommend adding the controllers and games to your SNES package. The 1CHIP version is considered the best in the SNES series, so if you have it, you can probably sell it for over $120.

Sony PlayStation 2

Sony’s PlayStation 2 originally sold for $299 when it first came out in 2000. Now it can go for $35 to $175. The majority of gamers loved this console, which would explain why this 6th-gen hardware remains one of the most-sold consoles still today. Back then, it dominated the market with a strong collection of titles, like Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and Metal Gear Solid. If you have a black PS2 that’s in good working condition, you can easily let it go for $50. If you were lucky enough to get in a rare color, like gold or ocean blue, you may get even more.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES Deluxe Set was available at $299 at the time of its launch in 1985. Today, it can be sold for $70 to $400. It’s not as powerful as SNES since it’s only 8-bit, but the fact that it is rare to find makes it quite valuable among collectors. You can get over $80 for just the console. If you can add a few controllers and games to your Nintendo Entertainment System, you can ask for up to $150. The highest price model is the US Deluxe Set – if it’s still in its original box, that’s even better.

Sony PlayStation

It cost $299 at the time of its launch in 1995, and today you can sell your Sony PS for anywhere from $25 to $150. The PlayStation was Sony’s first ever gaming console and garnered a lot of popularity due to a lot of exclusive titles. It can still sell for a good price, if it’s in good condition. You can probably get more than $100 for it if you have a boxed set.

Sega Genesis

Launched in 1989, Sega Genesis originally sold for $189. Now you can get $20 to $100 for it. As it was one of the most popular consoles at the time, it’s not very difficult to find. If your console comes with the 32X additions and the original Sega CD, you can sell it for an even better price.


When it was first released in 1999, Dreamcast used to sell for $199. Today, it might sell for $60 to $180. If you were a gamer around that time, you may remember that it didn’t do very well – it actually caused SEGA to take early exit from the console industry. However, it did manage to impress many gamers for being ahead of its time. Plus, it’s rare to find. If your Dreamcast is lying somewhere in a still-closed box, you can actually sell it for several hundreds of dollars.

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