SellGPU Device Data Privacy Policy

Device Data Privacy Agreement

By placing your order with us, you agree to our Device Data Privacy Agreement for products or items that store files or data:

  1. For Products involving components that store files and/or personal or business data on hard drives, memory chips or the like. You must back up and store any data you wish to keep from your product and remove any personal, customer, or business information from the Product before you send your Product to us for Trade-In or sale.
  2. You are responsible to format or erase any data prior to sending your components for trade-in. SellGPU makes no guarantee that it will remove or destroy data unless otherwise stated in clear writing.
  3. You must remove data locks, passwords, or encryption on any device you may send for trade-in.
  4. By placing your order and sending your components to SellGPU, you agree to release SellGPU from any claim as to the Product, the data stored in such Product, or any information on any media used in conjunction with the Product and which you send to SellGPU (whether in connection with a Trade-In or a Purchase), or for such data’s security, integrity, confidentiality, disclosure or use.
  5. SellGPU is not responsible for: (a) any loss suffered by you, your business, or your customers, due to any data that is not erased from the device and transferred to a third party, or (b) any loss of data after you submitted the Product to us.
  6. Under no circumstance are you allowed to send, sell, or supply SellGPU with any component that contains legal, public, business, confidential, or customer sensitive information or storage devices that you are not authorized to sell or resell.

If you can not abide to, are not confident in agreeing to, or do not agree to the above Device Data Policy Agreement, we kindly request that you refrain from sending items that store files or data. If you are sending a complete system or a bulk order and do not wish to send your storage device (s), you may remove your storage device(s) from your order, update your quote, and then proceed normally with your trade-in.

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Last Updated on June 20 2019.