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  • Power Supplies & Motherboards
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Simply make a list of your  components and send them to us. We will email you back a custom quote.




We can come and help you with components breakdown and packing. Or you can do it yourself.  Then, drop the boxes off at your local UPS Store or UPS Facility. We can even send you FREE anti-static shipping material. We provide onsite pick services for large scale orders.



Get Paid quickly & safely!

Once your components are received, they enter inspection and testing. Once testing is successful, you get paid. Enjoy same-day payments with PayPal, Check or ACH. For orders over $1,000 USD, take advantage of our overnight checks (via FedEx), Bank Wire, ACH, or via Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Tips for Shipping Your Equipment

At SellGPU, we make it easy to recycle and renew PC mining rig equipment. All you need to do to sell your mining hardware is send it to us. Then, put the money you earn toward new mining rig equipment and get the power and performance you’ve been missing.

Are you asking yourself, “How easy is it to sell my mining rig equipment through” Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

Step 1: Disconnect your mining rig. Remove the components being careful not to damage any ports or connectors.

Step 2: Inspect for damage. Before packing it up, give your rig a quick once-over to ensure there are no obvious signs of abuse or wear.

Step: 3: Pack it securely for shipping. When you sell used mining rig equipment to us, we provide the packing materials, including anti-static bubble wrap, foam, clamshells, and boxes. Secure your components in the box or boxes provided and affix the provided shipping label. We rarely have damage during shipping because of our proprietary shipping methods, all to protect you and your equipment.


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After accepting your offer, we send you a shipping label. You even get the choice to order FREE anti-static material. Just pack and ship your items and once we receive and test them, you get paid. If your items don’t pass our tests, we let you know right away and will return them to you for free (on us). We also provide onsite pick service for large scale orders.


Get Paid in Same Day through Paypal or Check

We know our customer want to get paid as fast as possible so, we designed a business model that will allow payments to you same day! Enjoy same-day payments with PayPal, Check or ACH. For orders over $1,000 USD, take advantage of our overnight checks (via FedEx), Bank Wire, ACH, or via Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Free Shipping Label & Trade in Box

In addition to sending you FREE shipping labels, if you feel nervous about safely shipping your items, we can send you FREE easy-to-pack anti-static packaging. Our packaging will firmly protect your items during transit.


Component Tracking Available

If you ever feel worried about the status of your trade-in, you can track the status of your components from the point of shipping to payment release in your My Account section.



We are here to help. We normally answer all inquiries within 12-24 hrs.

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