2019 Referral Program Sign Up

Referral Program Sign Up


By signing and submitting the above form, you agree to our referral program and our Terms and Conditions.

$5.00 Referral Bonus Per GPU Unit for Orders Over $1000.00

$10.00 Referral Bonus Per GPU Unit for Orders Over $5000.00

*A bonus cap per new customer acquisition applies and is initially set at a maximum of $500.00. All bonuses are subject to approval.

**Minimum Per Unit Price of $100.00 is required for per unit referral bonus to apply. 

***Defective units are ineligible for referral bonus and are excluded from order volume.

**** SellGPU LLC reserves the right to modify, eliminate, or completely void the referral program at any point in time. All referrals and bonuses are subject to approval by SellGPU LLC.

***** Annual referral order volume resets on the first of each year.