5 Computer Components That Can Be Recycled

Electronic waste has several toxic substances and should not be combined with regular trash. You can recycle or sell computer parts to help prevent toxic pollution. SellGPU makes selling computer parts and pre-owned IT or gaming hardware convenient. Here are five items you can recycle the next time you upgrade your electronics:

1. Graphics Processing Unit

The graphics processing unit, or GPU, accelerates computer graphics and image processing. When used heavily for gaming, these units can be replaced every few years. Non-gamers may see their graphic processing unit last longer. When selling or replacing your old graphics cards, work with an electronic refurbishing company like SellGPU. We can take unusable GPUs and recycle the precious metals and other components.

2. Central Processing Unit 

Also called the “main processor,” central processing units execute the instructions of a computer program. As a principal computer component, outdated or broken CPUs can be refurbished and recycled. SellGPU provides an instant quote for old central processing units and will send you a box for convenient shipping.

3. Random Access Memory 

Random access memory (RAM) is a computer’s short-term memory. It may need replacing on a desktop or laptop that takes a long time to start up or has excessive lag with everyday tasks. There’s a healthy market for secondhand memory, and old RAM can be recycled for its copper and silver. Make sure to clean the discarded RAM with compressed air and erase any remaining data.

4. Solid-state Drive

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are used in place of hard drives for storing computer memory. They may not require frequent replacement, but physical damage or overuse can cause failure. SSDs use different technology compared to traditional hard drives and require special disposal. Before you sell computer SSDs for refurbishment, erase or encrypt your data and private information.

5. Complete Desktop or Laptop Computers

Modern technology makes recycling nearly every part of a computer or laptop possible. Circuit boards, power cords, batteries, and aluminum or plastic casings are all acceptable. If replacing a single component isn’t possible, you can sell your computer to be refurbished or mined for parts. Even if the computer will be torn apart for recycling, make sure to back up files, deauthorize software, and securely reformat the drive before sending it off.

Why Recycle Computer Elements?

E-waste makes up the majority of our toxic waste, with computers being among the more common hazardous items sent to landfills. Used electronics can contain mercury, lead, chromium, and flame retardants that are harmful to the environment when burned. Proper disposal and recycling of computer parts saves energy and protects the environment. At SellGPU, our online services make it easy to sell and recycle used computer components to reduce harmful emissions.

Sell Computer Parts To SellGPU

Unused electronics can be unsafe to store because of the toxic chemicals they contain. Long-term storage also prevents raw materials like gold and silver from being reused. Discard computer elements using a safe and convenient option, such as selling them online with SellGPU. Visit our site today to view our services and receive an online quote.