5 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electronics and Sell Your Used Ones

Technology evolves at a rapid speed and most of us are eventually left with outdated smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, gaming systems, and other devices that ultimately sit unused. Whether these old electronics are broken or simply outdated, the majority of us let these vintage items serve as trophies of the past instead of selling them to interested buyers. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to sell laptop components or trade in old gaming systems for quick cash in the most reliable and convenient way.

If you have been hoarding old technology, take this as a sign that it is now time to sell your used inventory for top cash offers. SellGPU offers an easy-to-use selling process, where you will receive an instant quote of a fair price for your old devices, a free shipping kit with a pre-paid shipping label, and fast payment. You can turn your broken or outdated inventory into quick cash that can be used to upgrade your electronics. Consider the value of selling laptops, desktops, or their components to put some money in your pocket and give you the opportunity to upgrade to the latest brands and models.

Here are five telltale signs that it is time to sell your used electronics.

1. You have broken or idle electronics piling up.

Tech nerds know the excitement of a newly released gaming system or latest model from the best laptop brand and are quick to buy. Unfortunately, this leaves old devices neglected and abandoned. Chances are we will rarely return to our old devices, ultimately leaving money on the table as they pile up in a junk closet. And for a lot of us, we are unable to afford a new system or device until we sell or trade in our old ones. Fortunately, SellGPU is happy to offer the best price for your old electronics to recycle or resell. You can get paid fast and can receive cash to put towards upgrading your devices.

It is important to also consider the environmental implications before throwing your old devices away as these electronics emit highly toxic chemicals into the environment. You can read more here about the importance of E-waste recycling and visit SellGPU’s website to help you recycle components responsibly.

2. Your desktop computer or laptop is running slow.

If your old computer or used laptop is running slow and you have already tried the dreaded return to factory settings to no avail, it is probably time for an upgrade. A slow computer can negatively affect your work from home productivity, gaming and streaming capabilities, and overall efficiency. Instead of slowing down your entire life waiting for quicker responsiveness, consider selling your old laptop and other electronic devices.

Maybe you only need to replace one or two parts of your computer or laptop to rejuvenate your device’s condition. In this case, you can just sell your old computer parts instead of the whole computer and simply upgrade to new parts.

Used Computer Parts to Sell:

  • GPU
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • SSD
  • Graphics Card

3. You are looking for new features in your devices.

With new technology being released so frequently, new features make the features on current devices outdated in a short time. period. Whether you are looking for newer app compatibility, stricter security measures, or higher resolution quality, there is always something bigger and better on the horizon. Trading in your old device is a great way to take advantage of the newest features being offered and upgrade to the latest models.

4. Your laptop camera is broken or outdated.

If you work from home, your laptop camera is crucial in your day to day life. As a society, we’ve become dependent on video conferencing for work and web calls to keep up with friends and family. The quality of these calls can make or break these important virtual meetings. If your old laptop camera is struggling to do the job, it is time to sell your laptop online and upgrade your device.

5. Your business is upgrading its large IT inventory.

As technology continuously evolves, businesses are forced to replace outdated IT inventory. This ultimately leads to large quantities of used electronics and most companies have no clue how to sell old computer parts. To not be at any more of a loss with your unusable inventory, contact SellGPU for a free instant quote on all of your old laptops, servers and PC components. We’ll give you a cash offer and take your old inventory off your hands.

SellGPU has a hassle-free service for selling your electronics; we even offer free shipping. Once you accept our quote, we’ll send you a free shipping kit with a free shipping label to make the shipping process easy with little effort needed. We’ll inspect the devices and parts to make sure they are in the reported condition. If they are, we’ll send payment within three business days.

Receive your cash offer with a quick payment through one of our many direct deposit and payment options:

  • Paypal Transfer
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH)
  • Overnight Check (will take longer)

Since 2014, SellGPU has been the best service for selling used computer equipment and parts from popular brands. We provide customers with a lucrative option to raise funds in order to upgrade their electronics in the most convenient way. If you have a broken laptop, desktop, or other device that you consider useless, now is the time to get an online quote to sell your device in the for a great cash offer.

If you have ever wondered where to sell used computer parts in a reliable way, look no further than SellGPU’s website. There you can sell CPU parts for cash offers. SellGPU’s online service offers an extensive buy-back program for computers, gaming consoles, and their components, what are you waiting for? Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Used Video Game Consoles: What Are They Worth?

Are you planning to sell your Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation console? Maybe you would like to use the proceeds from selling your old model to upgrade to the latest model? Or maybe you simply want to trade in an unused system in exchange for some extra cash? Whatever your reason might be, you’ve made a great decision! For gaming nerds, there’s nothing sadder than watching old consoles collect dust in a forgotten corner in your home.

The big question is: Is your ancient console worth a pretty penny? After all, today’s gaming consoles come with high-tech features and the latest innovations so what would anyone do with an outdated, years or decades’ old model? Well, you’d be surprised.

There is this breed of vintage-loving, retro-gamers out there who are willing to spend money on old video game consoles. Although they can still play their favorite old video games using modern consoles, they actually prefer using the old game console. It’s not much different than those people who go ga-ga over old guitars, first-edition books, or even vintage home décor items. 

How Much Can You Get By Selling Your Old Video Game Console?

The price for old game consoles can vary wildly depending on several factors, including the brand, model, and condition of the console you want to sell. Other factors include the functionality of the console, its visual aspect, and whether it retains the original accessories it came with (if applicable). At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well you’ve treated your console. You can get the most money for a video game console in great condition.

At the end 2022, the price of older game systems ranged anywhere from $80 to $200, which is approximately 47% of the price at the time of their launch. This price depends on the quality of the game as well as what kind of impact it has had in the gaming community. A game or a console that made waves among the gamers will obviously sell for a lot more money than one that failed to impress.  

Also, please note that unless you own an extremely rare, special-edition console that has a high demand, you are not going to get thousands of dollars for it from your local store or online buyback stores. The majority of used limited edition gaming consoles seldom reach the thousand-dollar mark.

Of course, there are exceptions. According to RarityGuide.com, a 1990 Neo-Geo in its original box can fetch you up to $1,900; a 1997 Commodore 64 GS up to $2,500; and a 1979 APF Imagination Machine is worth up to $3,300. Some of the other ultra-rare consoles can also bring in thousands of dollars, like the Xbox One Titanfall Development Team Edition, which was exclusively given to the team members who worked on the development of Respawn Titanfall.

The odds of you having any of these super rare gaming consoles are very low. But even if you can’t sell your old game system for thousands of dollars, you can still collect several hundred dollars, which is better than nothing.

The Best Price You Can Get for Your Used Game Consoles

Before we begin, we’d like to stress again that the value of your console is greatly affected by its current condition, color, and additional features like motion controls and extra storage space.

1st (1972–1980) or 2nd (1976–1982) Generation Gaming Consoles

You can sell an Atari 2600 for $37-$300 or more, depending on which version you have and how rare the games included in it are. An Atari Home Pong can be worth $20–$30 and up to $100 or more if it’s still in the box. Interestingly, an original prototype of the Home Pong unit straight from the collection of Allan Alcorn (its creator) recently sold for over $270,000 in an auction.

Intellivision models sell for $20–$30 (without games) while the Magnavox Odyssey models can go for up to $50 (without games). All of these games were made between 1972 and 1982 and came with consoles that failed to catch anyone’s attention, so it can be tough to find a buyer. However, there are collectors out there who will pay hundreds of dollars for old games with consoles that are still in the box.

3rd Generation Gaming Consoles (1983–1990)

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) usually sells for $20–$50, but this price can be significantly raised if yours includes some rare games and accessories. The Sega Master System can bring you about $40–$70 and the Atari 7800 can go for $50–$75. Again, you can expect a higher trade-in value if you have games.

4th Generation Gaming Consoles (1987–1999)

The Super Nintendo can go for up to $60, while Sega Genesis can fetch you $40 to $50, on average. An old TurboGrafx-16 can net anywhere from $50 to $150 these days because it represents one of the most beloved consoles from this generation. There is also a good market for old Neo-Geos, which can sell for $150 or more.

5th Generation Gaming Consoles (1993–2006)

A Nintendo 64 can bring you $35–$70 while an original PlayStation can go for anywhere between $15 and $35. Have a SEGA Saturn? You can probably sell it for $80 to $100. Atari Jaguar consoles are considered rare, so if you have one, congratulations, you can easily sell it for $100–$200 or even more.

A quick note here: You may have a hard time finding brick-and-mortar stores that will buy consoles this old. We highly recommend heading over to SellGPU to get the best deal for your old video games and consoles – this is what we specialize in after all!

6th Generation Gaming Consoles (1998–2009)

All sixth generation consoles generally sell for $40–$60, including the SEGA Dreamcast, original Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Slim PS2. Some can fetch you up to $100 while some will only bring in $30; these wild price fluctuations are mostly due to the timing of when you choose to sell rather than which model you have.

This is obviously not a complete list of the dozens of gaming consoles that exist, but we hope it gave you an idea as to how much your console might be worth. You can get an instant quote for your console online from SellGPU (make sure you mention its precise condition and any issues to get an accurate price). Completing our online form only takes a few minutes and we usually reply with a cash offer the very same day.

Top 7 Game Systems to Sell in 2023

Here is a general idea of the game systems that will fetch the best price this year:


Launched in 2001, the Xbox’s original retail price was $299.99. Today, you can sell it for anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on its version, games, and condition. It was the debut gaming console from Microsoft and quickly became a hit, along with the GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2. It had some incredible titles like Counter-Strike and Halo 2.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

This 16-bit console was released in 1991 and cost $199 at the time. You can sell it for between $35 and $150 today. Even if it is a broken console, you can still sell it for around $35. To get more cash, we recommend adding the controllers and games to your SNES package. The 1CHIP version is considered the best in the SNES series, so if you have it, you can probably sell it for over $120.

Sony PlayStation 2

Sony’s PlayStation 2 originally sold for $299 when it first came out in 2000. Now it can go for $35 to $175. The majority of gamers loved this console, which would explain why this 6th-gen hardware remains one of the most-sold consoles still today. Back then, it dominated the market with a strong collection of titles, like Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and Metal Gear Solid. If you have a black PS2 that’s in good working condition, you can easily let it go for $50. If you were lucky enough to get in a rare color, like gold or ocean blue, you may get even more.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES Deluxe Set was available at $299 at the time of its launch in 1985. Today, it can be sold for $70 to $400. It’s not as powerful as SNES since it’s only 8-bit, but the fact that it is rare to find makes it quite valuable among collectors. You can get over $80 for just the console. If you can add a few controllers and games to your Nintendo Entertainment System, you can ask for up to $150. The highest price model is the US Deluxe Set – if it’s still in its original box, that’s even better.

Sony PlayStation

It cost $299 at the time of its launch in 1995, and today you can sell your Sony PS for anywhere from $25 to $150. The PlayStation was Sony’s first ever gaming console and garnered a lot of popularity due to a lot of exclusive titles. It can still sell for a good price, if it’s in good condition. You can probably get more than $100 for it if you have a boxed set.

Sega Genesis

Launched in 1989, Sega Genesis originally sold for $189. Now you can get $20 to $100 for it. As it was one of the most popular consoles at the time, it’s not very difficult to find. If your console comes with the 32X additions and the original Sega CD, you can sell it for an even better price.


When it was first released in 1999, Dreamcast used to sell for $199. Today, it might sell for $60 to $180. If you were a gamer around that time, you may remember that it didn’t do very well – it actually caused SEGA to take early exit from the console industry. However, it did manage to impress many gamers for being ahead of its time. Plus, it’s rare to find. If your Dreamcast is lying somewhere in a still-closed box, you can actually sell it for several hundreds of dollars.

Wondering Where to Sell Game Consoles for Cash? We’ve Got You Covered

Video game console controller

Not playing your old gaming console anymore? You are in luck! At SellGPU, we pay cash for gaming consoles, gaming PCs, VR headsets, mining rigs, and many other used computer components. We understand that the video gaming industry is ever-evolving, and gamers are constantly upgrading their hardware. Instead of putting your old console in the attic or trying to get rid of it for a few measly dollars – why not sell it for a fair price? You can use that extra cash to buy a brand-new console or any thing else!

To sell your game console to SellGPU, all you need to do is fill in the make and model on this page. Once you have picked your device, click on the “Get Quote” button and our team will send you the most accurate price you can get by selling it. If you agree, you’ll then pack your console and accessories (if any) and ship it to us for FREE – we’ll send you a free shipping kit with a free shipping label. Once the console is received, tested, and approved, we will send you the agreed-upon money via your preferred method: Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, overnight check, ACH, wire, or crypto.

Don’t see your gaming console listed on our website? Let us know! You can email us at info@sellgpu.com or call us at 1-888-312-3003.

The Electronic Components Market: An Overview

We are living in the golden age of technological innovation and the electronic components industry is a big part of it. A large number of consumer products today – smart phones, computers, gaming consoles, electric vehicles, fitness devices, virtual assistant devices, and much more – rely on a consistent supply of electronic parts. It’s important that this industry continues to grow steadily and is supported by effective supply chains across the world.

After much upheaval during the last three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global electronics market is still going strong. After being valued at $499 billion at the end of 2021, it is now predicted to reach $529.86 billion by 2028, which shows its lasting power.

Demand for IT Equipment and Computer Parts Has Skyrocketed

PC gaming has always been huge. The market generated almost $36 billion in 2021, driven by enthusiastic gamers across the world. Due to the pandemic, which forced billions of people to stay at home, demand for gaming hardware has skyrocketed – at a time when supply chains were disrupted and are still recovering.

As you might already know, many die-hard gamers spend a good amount of money on desktops, peripherals, and other hardware. A respectable percentage of them also like to build their own computer systems instead of buying a pre-built, new device. Although pre-built PCs are more accessible, they are usually costlier. Also, building your own computer is kind of considered a rite of passage among hardcore gamers. It offers room for more customization, both in terms of hardware, data security, and aesthetics.

What does this have to do with demand and supply of PC components? Well, most PC gamers like to upgrade their hardware components every 3–4 years for better gaming experience. And who can blame them? More powerful hardware with exciting new features is always entering the market, giving players access to titles with more sophisticated specifications.

An example is ray tracing and deep learning super sampling (DLSS) enabled graphic processing units (GPUs). Most of this hardware – especially GPUs – can also be used for video editing, machine learning, and many other intensive work practices.

This means that demand for major computer components is constant. With the ongoing shortage of semiconductor parts, supply for most PC hardware components is estimated to remain scarce for the foreseeable future.

Why Are Computer Parts Getting More Expensive?

Computer components are always in great demand and short supply, so their prices reflect that. However, there are several other factors that are impacting the purchase price in recent times.

Chip Shortages

The chip shortage has caused major issues for consumers and businesses. Manufacturers of computer parts are experiencing a shortage of memory cards, motherboards, chips, and other components due to the exponentially increasing demand from various industries. This has pushed up prices of items such as smartphones, printers, laptops, computers, and other gadgets.

As the industry rushes to plug supply gaps (brought on by COVID-19) and meet rising demand, prices continue to snowball their way through key materials and suppliers in chip making. This has led to most of the chip makers around the globe raising their prices and ultimately, the consumers feeling the pinch.

The situation was way worse in 2020 and 2021, and has somewhat normalized in 2022. Popular models of some gaming computers, laptops, and electronic goods became more expensive in 2021. For example, one of the world’s bestselling gaming laptops made by ASUSTek Computer Inc. previously sold for $900, but rose to $950 last year. HP’s Chromebook also rose from $220 to $250 at around the same time.  In fact, HP increased their prices across the board by 8% in 2021; the brand’s CEO specifically cited chip shortage as the reason behind that decision. 

If you’re wondering what’s causing the chip shortage, it’s because unlike most factory-made items, microchips or semiconductor chips have to be created in extremely controlled environments, which are referred to as “fabs”. These facilities are custom-built from the ground up to prevent unwanted changes in static electricity or temperature, factors that irreversibly damage semiconductors inside the chips.

A high-quality microchip production cycle can take several weeks to complete, if not months. Add this factor to the economic hardships, labor shortages, and other hurdles manufacturers were facing due to the pandemic, and you’ve got yourself a significant shortage of chips.

Pandemic-Related Supply Chain Disruptions

This goes without saying, but it deserves to be mentioned here: the pandemic-led supply chain disruptions proved to be quite a challenge for manufacturers. On one hand, there were people confined to their homes, with nothing else to do but spend most of their time on their computers. On the other hand, there were manufacturers struggling with keeping up with the sudden increase in demand for CPUs, GPUs, and hard drives coupled with labor and raw material shortages and disruptions in shipping and distribution.

People also seem to be upgrading their computers more frequently than ever before. A big reason for that might be the work-from-home culture that has become the new normal. Manufacturers have no choice but to increase their prices to cover the costs of ever-growing need for new parts and increasing production rates.

Trade Tensions Between US and China

In September 2020, the US government imposed limitations on the Chinese giant Huawei, banning the company from buying or acquiring electronic components with American technology or chips made by international companies that use American systems. This also made the chip shortage worse as Huawei accelerated its chip-buying processes. These sanctions also led other Chinese manufacturers to distrust the US government, unexpectedly increasing the demand as they anticipated their chip buying processes.

How the Chip Shortage Is Affecting the PC Industry

Chips and graphics cards are two items that are widely used in all sorts of electronics, and unfortunately, both have fallen victim to shortages induced by the pandemic. In addition to computers (i.e., laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.), smart appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and laundry washers also utilize semiconductor chips. Not to mention pretty much every car manufactured in the last decade almost completely relies on microchips to operate smoothly. People who mine or use cryptocurrency are also feeling the effects of the semiconductor shortage since many coins are built with microchips.

The global semiconductor shortage hit the automotive industry the hardest – a modern car consists of as many as 150 microchips that control everything from turn-by-turn directions to engine timing. Experts blamed the chip shortage in the automobile industry on the rapidly growing demand for electronic products, especially during the pandemic.

How? Desktop computers were previously on the verge of a slow death with sales of mobile devices and laptops. But in the first quarter of 2021 alone, the worldwide PC market saw an increase of a whopping 55% – the highest it has been since 2010. This is largely because the pandemic forced employees to work from home students to adopt virtual learning.

Gaming consoles also experienced a rise in demand. According to the Fortune Business Insight, as of May 2021, gaming consoles market is on the way to achieve the annual growth rate of 5.3% over the next 5 years. The revenues are expected to reach $51 billion by 2027. With the increasing popularity of gaming PCs and consoles, comes the higher demand for sensors and semiconductors. Companies like Intel have actually predicted that may take several years before the chip shortage can be effectively addressed.

The globalization of this industry has also resulted in manufacturers in emerging economies making a higher-quality computer part at a lower price compared to those in more developed nations.

In the meantime, the chip shortage is leading to an increase in prices for consumer electronic goods, which means more people are finding it hard to buy good-quality PC parts. That being said – buying used computers parts online is much cheaper than buying them brand-new from a store.  

The chip shortage will not last forever; it has already started waning off now. If you are a video game player, you may have experienced this problem with delays in the output of the most recent Xbox and Playstation consoles, but the good news is, you won’t have to deal with it for much longer.

Sell Your Used IT Hardware and Components Online

Finding the best places to sell computer parts (especially old and used) can be a bit overwhelming. The rate at which computers and their components (CPUs, GPUs, HDDs, etc.) are advancing can sometimes make it necessary to upgrade your entire system every year. And if you have updated any hardware on your system in the past few years, you’ve probably ended up with various spare parts. Rather than sitting back and letting the extra IT equipment or hardware collect dust, why not trade in and see some return on investment?

SellGPU is a leading semiconductor and computer equipment buy-back company in the US, providing an environmentally friendly way for small- to medium-sized businesses and individual users to offload some equipment. Our ITAD company (IT Asset Disposition company) regularly buys used IT equipment from users (personal and commercial) in single and bulk quantities. We then find buyers for those components across various secondary channels to maximize their ROI.

If you have multiple computers, extra IT hardware, or surplus enterprise equipment that you’re looking to sell, visit our website to get a quote. Our payment turnaround is super fast –once we receive and test your components, you’ll receive the agreed-upon fair price for them within 3 days via your preferred payment option. The whole process is hassle-free: we send you a prepaid shipping label and packing box so all you need to do is pack it up and drop it in the mail. You deal directly with out technical team without any middlemen to eat into your profits.

To request more information or a competitive quote, please call us at 1-888-312-3003 or send an email to info@sellgpu.com.

The 2023 Guide To Selling GPUs: Which Have The Most Value

Graphic processing units (GPUs) are widely used today in gaming PCs and consoles, phones, tablets, arcade machines, car dashboards, cryptocurrency mining rigs, and TV and entertainment systems. Due to the current demand and supply issues, GPU dealers have not been able to keep up.

In other words, if you’re looking to sell GPU systems or components, now is the time to do it. At SellGPU, we offer top dollar for older GPUs and used graphics cards, plus other computer, server, and laptop components. In this guide, we have compiled a list of GPUs from leading brands that are having a big in-demand moment right now and can deliver great value.

7 Top Used GPUs to Sell in 2023  

Radeon RX 6650 XT  

Current Price Online: $265 – $400

AMD’s Radeon RX 6650 has a couple of frames-per-second (FPS) higher than the Radeon RX 6600. AMD improved their GPU clocks, increasing the TBP by 13% and GDDR6 memory to 17.5 Gbps (from 16 Gbps) as well. It’s packed with the Navi 23 GPU with 11.1 billion transistors and you’re looking at Boost GPU clocks of up to 2635 MHz and reference Game GPU clocks with capacity up to 2410 MHz. Radeon RX 6650 XT comes with 32 MB of Infinity Cache (180W) and 8 GB of GDDR memory in a 128-bit memory interface.  

Radeon RX 6650 XT is up to 10% faster than RX 6600 XT, which is, okay, not anything to brag about in terms of performance, but its fantastic thermals make up for that. It has the coveted TWIN FROZR 8 cooling system to keep the GPU temperatures at 147.2 Fahrenheit during benchmark loads and gaming. RX 6650 XT is ultimately designed for 1080p gaming, making it really popular among the newbie gamers who want to get the most out of their high-budget, high-profile games (aka AAA titles). It offers over 120 FPS for eSports for high-refresh rate gaming TVs and monitors.

Intel Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition

Current Price Online: $349

This is considered the first major effort by Intel to enter the discrete graphics industry. The Arc A770 Limited Edition does have a few issues with older games, but its huge memory capacity, pricing, and general performance have made it a good option for gamers. This is definitely not a high-end GPU; it doesn’t come close to competing with the likes of AMD’s Radeon RX 6800 or Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080. That being said, a lot of gamers are more than happy to game on less powerful cards like Intel’s Arc A770.  

Intel has slated this card to be its most muscular graphics card in its first-generation Xe HPG GPU line. All of the Arc A770 GPUs come with an uncut 6nm CPU die that is about 406mm square. The die contains 8 render slices that are made up of 32 Xe-Cores, each of which holds 16 1024-bit Matrix Engines and 16 256-bit Vector Engines along with 192KB of cache. The graphics card is really well-made with a ring of RGB LEDs that can be controlled by connecting to a USB 2.0 header on the motherboard.  

Based on the tests we ran on the Arc A770 in real games, it doesn’t offer mind-blowing performance, but does quite well against other graphics cards in this price range. The 16GB of RAM under $350 is excellent and something that Nvidia and AMD GPUs currently don’t have. Its large pool of RAM also makes it a salient choice for personal use.

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Current Price Online: $440 – $725

For its price, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is the best next-generation graphics card for most people. In fact, when it comes to performance, it beats most other alternatives, like the RTX 2080 Super, which is almost double the price. The 3060 Ti’s incredible 1080p performance allows users to enjoy the newest AAA games at 1440p on ultra settings. Players who use Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) graphics might even be able to play 4k games using RTX 3060 Ti.

This may not be the most robust or fastest GPU out there, but its reasonable price and excellent performance make it a strong contender. It’s also a poignant option for people who consider GeForce RTX 3090 or GeForce RTX 3080 too expensive for their taste.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that RTX 3060 Ti is quite possibly the best AMD graphics card in its class due to its wealth of features. It’s equipped with Nvidia’s proprietary RX IO which is designed to enable super-fast GPU-based loading and cut system latency. It also works with Microsoft DirectStorage so users can load data right from their system to their VRAM. Meanwhile, the Nvidia Broadcast is there to filter out background noise while video chatting or streaming.

GeForce RTX 2060

Current Price Online: $279 – $349

Even though it has been somewhat shadowed by the RTX 3060 Ti, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060 is still one of the best low-price GPUs in the market. This budget graphic card is highly sought after among users who are new to the world of PC gaming and ray tracing.

RTX 2060 may look like the less-favored child of GPU lineup from Nvidia, but it brings quite a few features to the table. For starters, it has mastered QHD and Full HD gaming, plus, it allows the users to experience Nvidia’s ray-tracing in a super affordable price.

Gamers who can’t afford GeForce RTX 3060 Ti will find RTX 2060 a great enough alternative. It fully delivers on 1440 experiences, practically rules over 1080p gaming, and also allows 4k gaming (as long as the user doesn’t mind the lowly 30FPS). People on an even tighter budget may want to go with one of the cheaper versions of Radeon RX 590, if they feel fine with gaming at Full HD resolution. If not, RTX 2060 inarguably remains one of the best mid-range GPUs money can buy.

GeForce RTX 3050

Current Price Online: $249 – $388

When Nvidia introduced GeForce RTX 3050, it pitched it as a low-budget 1080p GPU, even though it costs about the same as a mid-range card. Pertaining to this, the good news is that it’s nearly 70% faster than the popular GeForce GTX 1650. People looking to upgrade from the GTX 1650 for better 1080p gaming performing, will find RTX 3050 an excellent replacement.

Like the rest of the Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series, this graphics card is also built on Ampere Core. The improvements Nvidia has made to this core over the last-generation Turing Core provided a significant increase in performance for regular rasterization as well as ray tracing. Also, because of the smaller size of Ampere core, engineers were able to fit more Streaming Multiprocessors in it, so compared to 14 in the GTX 1650, RTX 3050 has 20. It also has double the number of FP32 cores on each SM, making it much more powerful.

It’s also equipped with the full RTX feature set, which means it has both Tensor and RT cores, making it capable of DLSS and ray tracing. Not all budget GPUs have this feature. DLSS is really useful for people looking to boost their system’s performance without impacting the visual quality. The drop in quality on Performance Mode will still be noticeable, but it does stretch the card’s capability at 1080p.

The RTX 3050 is even more impressive in games that have no ray tracing. In games with high preset, this GPU easily offers 60+FPS. In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, users have reported getting more than 140 FPS, which is sufficient for most high-refresh games. The RTX 3050 allows users to play almost all games without compromising on the visual quality as well. And since it includes DLSS, this performance is stretched even further.

Intel Arc A380

Current Price Online: $140 –$160

Even though it’s an entry-level graphics card, the Intel Arc A380 is an incredible first attempt by Intel to return to the world of gaming graphics in over 20 years. Intel’s last endeavor was “Larrabee”, which failed to impress in both price positioning and performance so it was then re-purposed into a HPC accelerator.

Anyway, the Arc A380 has all-new Xe-HPG graphics and meets the requirements of DirectX 12 Ultimate, including ray tracing in real-time. Thanks to the accelerated AV1 video encoding, it also has some serious creator chops. Its Xe Super Sampling feature is a worthy rival to Nvidia’s FSR and DLSS and users can play most of the e-sport titles at resolutions as high as Full HD.

This GPU is based on the DG2-128/ACM-G11 silicon that is fabricated using the 6nm process at TSMC. The card is equipped with a 96-bit wide memory interface and 6GB of GDDR6 memory that works at almost 16GB per second.

The Arc A380 is undoubtedly one of the cheapest graphics cards in the market, which means it doesn’t have the performance capabilities of a high-end GPU. That said, it’s somewhat competitive for playing some of the newer games.

GeForce RTX 4090

Current Price Online: $1599 – $1679

The big price tag represents the incredibly powerful gaming experience users can enjoy with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090. This monster is chock-full of futuristic features and delivers extremely fast frame rates, but the cherry on top is the DLSS 3 AI which is a super speed booster. Thanks to the new Ada Lovelace architecture, RTX 4090 is 80% faster than the GeForce RTX 3090 which is considered one of the best GPUs today. 

Speed is not the only factor where this graphics card excels; RTX 4090 has highly advanced Frame Generation DLSS 3 and 3rd generation RT cores, doubling the FPS and facilitating ray-traced gaming.

The 24GB of rapid GDDR6X memory makes it an amazing option for creators as well when it comes to pixel-packed video renders. The RTX 4090 has two AV1 video encoders, making it fully equipped to handle any kind of streaming. No matter what the user wants to do with it – gaming or video editing and creating – the RTX 4090 can handle it all.

All the credit goes to the fact that this GPU belongs to a new generation and features Ada Lovelace architecture which operates on a customized TSMC 4N process. Other features designed to push its performance include the Shader Execution Reordering function, which categorizes and schedules similar shading within seconds. As a result, GeForce RTX 4090 obviously boosts performance in conventional games that run on rasterized graphics, but it accelerates the ray-tracing even more.

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Sell My Gaming PC: Upgrading Your Setup Starts With Selling

As games get more advanced, you have to upgrade your custom PC build to keep up. The issue that many people encounter is that they don’t have the budget to make the upgrade possible. They find it difficult because they can no longer use their computer, a valuable asset they own.

When it comes to upgrading, the most logical choice is to sell the old to buy the new. It saves time as you only need a few more resources to get the upgrade you want. However, you must know the best steps you can take so you can sell your items fast and get your dream items right away. Without this information, selling and upgrading can become a frustrating process.

Internal Processes

You’ll need to do several things before selling your gaming PC or its parts. The best approach is to start from the inside (software) out. Here is what we recommend.

Perform a Back-up

The first thing you need to do before you sell your computer is to take care of all the information inside. You want to save all those documents, files, pictures, videos, and anything else you want to keep. People don’t want to buy a secondhand computer that has someone else’s information on it. Spend cash and buy a reliable external hard drive with enough space to hold your precious files.

From there, all you need to do is transfer your files. It may take some time, depending on the size of your transfer. Even high-performance hard drives can take hours when you’re moving many files.

A cloud storage service may also be a good option if you don’t have (or want) an external drive. Remember that these also have limitations, and you may need to pay to extend their storage capacity. Popular options to store your files include Google Drive and Dropbox.

Sign Out of Everything

Gamers have to set up accounts on numerous platforms, not to mention the other services you may have running on your PC. It takes a few minutes to sign out of all your accounts. That way, you won’t have to worry about anyone using your accounts. 

While a System Restore can clean your computer of all traces, taking this extra step provides more assurance. One of the more persistent accounts may be your Microsoft Mail. To remove this, go to Emails & Accounts and completely delete them from the device.

Perform a Factory Reset

While you’ve already backed up your files, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any left hidden within the computer. Even deleting them doesn’t completely remove them. Once you uninstall any games or programs, the information of your accounts may still be within the PC. Someone savvy enough could retrieve this information and exploit your details.

You can go around this by using the Factory Reset task available on your PC. You can access this in your settings. Remember that you should already have completed the file backup at this point. Once you perform a factory reset, there is no going back.

The factory reset is essential as it wipes all programs and information from your computer. It resets it as brand new as if the new seller had just bought the unit from a shop.

You can also perform a PC Reset through the Recovery tab within the Update & Security Settings. Select Remove Everything, which will also remove your OS. Make sure it’s in a cloud, USB, or disc to reinstall. Afterward, in the Change Settings options, you’ll see a choice to Clean Data. After selecting this, the computer will completely wipe the hard drive clean.

List Down Your Specifications

Complete details are vital in selling your computer. Check your PC’s system and list down the information there. Buyers will want to know the following details:

  • Type of storage and size
  • Type of processor and speed
  • Motherboard
  • Windows OS (or others)
  • Graphics card and power
  • Monitor display specifications
  • Connectivity options (USB, Wi-Fi)
  • Power supply
  • Case dimensions

External Processes

You’ve secured your files and prevented any possible access to your accounts with your old computer. You’ve also taken the time to know the specs before you sell. The next step is to tackle the PC physically. You’ll want to perform several steps to ensure it is appealing to any potential buyer. Here’s what you need to do.

Clean Your Computer

No one wants to buy a computer that’s dusty and dirty. It’s not appealing and may turn off potential buyers. Purchase compressed air to spray the dust out of the CPU. You can do this in an open area, so it’s easier to clean afterward.

Once you’ve cleaned the interior of the CPU, you can use the remaining air to clean dirt stuck between your keyboard’s keys. Do the same with the rest of your computer.

Afterward, you can use a cloth to wipe everything clean. You should also clean your monitor if you plan to sell other parts other than the CPU.

Add Inexpensive Enhancements

Adding some modifications to your computer can help it look more attractive. One of the best ways to do this is to add LED or RGB lights to make your rig visually pleasing. You can buy kits like these for a low price, and they’re also easy to install. When having trouble, you can look at some online videos to see how others do it.

Where Can I Sell? Online Marketplace Options

Once your PC is ready to sell, the next step is to find a marketplace to advertise it. There are several options available to individual sellers. Each has its pros and cons. It all mainly boils down to preference, so here are your choices.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most seller-friendly online marketplaces. There are already so many users on Facebook, and your advertisement will reach out to anyone in your vicinity. You can post your listing for free and wait for someone to contact you. The alternative is to do some advertisements, but this will cost extra money, which you may not have — and it’s usually unnecessary.

Nevertheless, a hassle-free advertisement will usually lead to several inquiries. Remember that you’re selling a used item, so you cannot charge it at a brand-new price. You’ll want to keep your asking price at an amount that still leaves room to negotiate.

When someone is interested in your item on Facebook, you’ll usually set up a meeting where they can examine the unit further. Some buyers may not even require a meet-up when you’re a seller with a good reputation on the platform. They can pay by picking up the item at your location or asking you to ship it to theirs. Facebook Marketplace won’t charge you anything for completing the sale, meaning you’re maximizing the terms with the buyer.


eBay is an option if you want to increase the scope of selling. You’ll be able to reach all users in the country looking for a computer. You also can advertise internationally, provided that you’re prepared to ship your item, and you feel that it is the right market. A prepaid shipping label is one of the options sellers use.

Of course, using eBay does come at a cost. You’re likely paying fees to eBay, as well as taxes.

The most notable advantage that eBay can give you is the larger marketplace, with more people looking at your unit. It increases the chances of someone buying.

However, if you play to sell on eBay, prepare any shipment needs as soon as it sells. Have the proper packaging ready, and use a reliable courier to deliver the item. You can add the shipping costs to the price, so it doesn’t affect your profits. You can then use the remaining money after fees to get the new computer parts you need.


Craigslist isn’t as reliable as it used to be years ago, but it can still be a place to sell. There are always people looking to offload or buy computers on the site. The biggest issue on Craigslist is anonymity. There is a higher risk with the person you’re dealing with as you don’t have the information provided by Facebook, nor do you have eBay’s assurance.

Craigslist deals usually occur in person, and you’ll be advertising locally. Look at your city or state’s page and advertise there. Meeting someone near your area can make for quicker deals, and you get to sell your computer right away. However, it may take some time, depending on the interest.

It’s best to post complete information when posting your ad. Include all specifications you can and put high-quality pictures. It makes conversations and negotiations go faster.

Computer Specific Forums and Trading Websites

There are many other dedicated websites and forums for selling computers. One of the Reddit communities for this is the Computer Bazaar. There’s also Hardware Swap and other smaller subreddits. Some websites focus on buying and selling PC parts or laptops. Some examples are:

You can sell parts here and get a computer deal for a reasonably low price. However, stocks can vary, and the shop usually sets a fixed price for purchasing items.

Local Businesses

Local businesses may not be the first choice, but they can be a way to sell your computer. They’ll usually set a price or ask you how much you’re selling the computer before negotiations start. You can try inquiring at a store that sells used PCs, does repairs or sells computer packages. Some shops love refurbishing or selling old parts in the open market. They will have to sell it at a profit so expect that they will offer you lower prices.

The advantage of selling at a local business is that it is super easy to sell a computer. You get the money immediately and can then focus on buying your next gaming PC.

Tips for Creating Online Listings

Many sellers forget that your listing needs to stand out and catch the attention of a buyer. They also want to understand the information quickly. Giving them the most vital points will help improve your chances of someone purchasing. Here are some tips to help.

Focus on High-quality Photos

Upload photos of your rig, presenting it at its best. Take pictures in a well-lit room and shoot different angles to show a complete picture. It will be the main point of judgment for aesthetics in most cases, so it’s vital to present your best.

There is a fine line between having enough pictures and having too many. Having around five photos is usually ideal. You can take a shot of the entire computer and have supplementary ones showcasing each part. Highlight cool features like RGB, lighted cabling, and customization. Here are some other market photo tips:

  • Make sure the area is clean
  • Remove any mirrors from the shot, as they can reflect unnecessary parts of the room
  • Try to reduce glare from the lighting

Create a Listing

Your headline will be the one that catches the attention of buyers first. By listing all the relevant information, you can have someone go into the listing to look further. Ideally, you want to write the specifications, as it helps with a hassle-free experience. Try to fit in the basics of RAM, graphics, processor, and storage before going into detail in the listing’s body.

After providing more detail in the body, you can also include your contact information, mode of shipping, and payment modes you prefer. It’s a way to make negotiations smoother, as buyers will know what to expect with the purchase.

Your Upgrade Journey Starts Today

The money you get from selling your old gaming PC will go a long way toward funding the next one. Add to that any money you’ve saved, and you have the potential of getting a powerful setup that will serve you for many years to come. Make sure to follow all the steps here to ensure that you’re efficiently managing your time.

When you need a reliable place to sell your gaming PC, look no further than SellGPU. Since 2014, we’ve been one of the best online services available for buying and selling computer parts. We’ll send you all the packing supplies needed for you to ship your computer to our offices. Our team also offers various payment methods, delivering your payment as fast as possible. Visit our website for a free quote, or contact us at (866) 674-0987.

Sell Computer Parts: How To Get Rid of Old Computer Parts Without Wasting Them

In today’s fast-paced modern world, technology is constantly evolving. New technology is always being developed, and as consumers, we want to use the newest technology and devices as much as possible. Computer components work the same way. People want the latest computer parts and laptop components because they are more efficient and perform better and faster. If you’re planning to upgrade, why not sell your old computer components for top dollar? 

Find the Best Place To Sell Computer Parts

You may be wondering how to sell old PC parts. The secret of quickly getting rid of old computer parts is to find a trustworthy marketplace where you can sell used computer parts or laptop components. So, where is the finest place to sell computer parts for cash?

eBay, BestBuy, and Craigslist

These online websites are some of the most well-known platforms that allow the trading and selling of any legal items, including old computer components. Some benefits of selling your old computer components on these websites are that there are many possible buyers, you can choose your own price, you can auction, and occasionally they offer buyer and seller protection. However, since there are many possible buyers, there are also a lot of sellers. To have your listing get top priority, you may need to pay a fee. It’s possible to pay lower fees if you have multiple other listings. Additionally, depending on the buyer, you may need to cover the shipping fees after your products are sold.

Although these websites are popular for selling items for good money, it’s challenging to get the best buyer. These platforms just facilitate buying and selling. Most of the time, you may need to wait for a longer period until someone offers the best price.

Marketplaces Focused on PC

Within social media platforms such as Facebook, there are options for you to post your old computer components for sale in a specific marketplace that is more focused on hardware, devices, and PCs. Some websites allow you to list pc components for sale for free. These PC-focused marketplaces can be more advantageous because all customers are targeted and you’re sure that customers are interested in computer components. However, most of the marketplaces that are focused on PCs usually require you to provide lots of in-depth documentation about your PC components which can be quite a bit of work. Lastly, you may need to cover the cost of shipping your computer components.



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